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Alex Bransby

Hello and welcome to what is set to be my first of many instalments for you. I must say what a privilege it is to be asked to contribute regularly towards The Session. So, without further ado let me first give you an idea of the sort of content you can expect to find from me over the coming months.

My aim is to take you on a journey along my angling life as it happens. This journey will cover all my exploits on the bank “no holds barred”! Much like an ongoing blog style section, I hope you will be there every step of the way, warts and all. There will be trials and tribulations in this “real life” account, detailing the highs as well as the inevitable lows that we all face while pursuing our passion.

A Good Carp Swim

Before my angling year kicks off it’s only right that I lay the foundations in an attempt to set the scene for the year to come and to give you an idea of the type of angling and the particular waters I shall be concentrating my efforts on as the season progresses. Throughout my ongoing adventures you may hear me refer to three separate waters, namely – The Lagoon, The Estate Lake and The Big Pit. Just for future reference I shall now include a little general information on each of the particular waters to help build the bigger picture and also to help understand the differing approach needed for each.

THE LAGOON: This is part of the famous St Ives Complex in Cambridgeshire. The St Ives Lagoon is approximately 32 acres in size and is home to around 15 or so Carp. The biggest and generally the most sought after fish residing in this water is of course The Fat Lady who can tip the scales up to an astounding 60lb at the right time of year and is one the largest accessible fish in the country at this moment in time. This is the water that shall take up the majority of my time on the bank this coming year.

With the sad demise of much of the countries large, prestigious fish this last year; I feel The Lagoon will be very busy and therefore even more pressured than usual. All in all a tough prospect where a couple of fish a year is considered a good result!

A New Dawn is Met With High Expectations

THE ESTATE LAKE: This ancient overgrown Estate Lake is around 3-4 acres in size, broken up by five small islands. The exciting aspect of this water is that the small resident stock of Carp that inhabit this water are largely unknown as they have rarely ever been fished for in the past. It’s the draw of mystery that I find so spellbinding and add to this the awesome Carp fuelled atmosphere that shrouds the place and begin to understand the beauty of this water. I really can’t wait to get to grips with the place and who knows what lies beneath the surface? They may or may not be monstrous, but from a water like that they’re sure to be special whatever the size!

THE BIG PIT: This huge gravel pit is in excess of 250 acres and represents a truly formidable challenge that sends a shiver down my spine every time I think about the potential of the place, which is a lot! The mere fact that I’m even mentioning this water is testimony to my commitment to at last give the place some attention this year.

Alex Bransby

Again just like the Estate Lake the vast majority of the Carp residing in said water are pretty much unknown which only helps to further fuel my enthusiasm for the place. It’s another low stock water and with the sheer size of the place and judging by the average weight of the bream present together with the apparent richness of the water I believe there is great potential for a surprise or two. There is however a lot of effort involved if I’m to fully apply myself to this particular water with regards to location and bait application. The beauty is on a water like this is that should that alarm ever burst into life whatever’s on the end could be a completely unknown fish ranging anything from 15 – 50lb in weight, such is the reality of this pioneering type of angling!


Well with pretty much all of my prospective waters covered for this coming year I hopeI have given a clearer insight into the form and direction my angling will take as we progress through the year ahead. As I touched on earlier I intend to leave no stone unturned as I go about my business out on the bank. This information will include the thought processes and thinking behind the way I approach my angling as well as all the observations and possible decisive changes I may make along the way to best suit the given angling situation or feeding habits of the fish I plan to target. At times I may go into detail explaining a certain rig, product or tactical approach but fear not, the last thing I want to do is fill your heads with yet another “how to” article, although on occasion it maybe deemed necessary for explanatory purposes.

Also, going forward I would like to perhaps incorporate the odd short video segment where I feel appropriate for conveying tactics, angling conditions or captures to generally enhance the whole feeling and understanding of the overall piece.

As I sit here writing this, my first introductory offering, it’s getting on for nearly five whole months since I was last able to wet a line, mainly due to the horrendous cold snap that gripped many parts of the country for several months. However, early this morning I had a walk around the above mentioned Estate Lake and at long last it has finally defrosted. After months of waiting, the lid has at last been lifted off this beautiful water and after such an unprecedented lay off I really am buzzing at the thought of my first carp of 2011 and hopefully an unknown stunner to boot!

Well my next piece will I’m sure cover the start of my exploits over on the Old Estate if it stays liquid for long enough that is, as I plan to start this campaign in earnest now the lid has finally been lifted. So the next time we speak I shall share all the happenings with you all and who knows maybe even a shot of a virgin Carp!

Watch Live Footage Of This Capture!

In the meantime, keep up with all I’m doing at my Blog.

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