JB Goes Crucian Crazy

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Carp_fishing_scenicI know I’m going off on one as far as you hard-line carpers are concerned but hang on a minute, we are all interested in our Carp in terms of origin, DNA and the like. Size is good but their family tree is also of great concern to many of us… think Leney for example. This side of our sport is very much the talking point in Crucian circles these days and rightly so. We all know Crucians are in trouble. Their former waters have drained away or stocks of Crucians have simply been pushed out of existence – often through over stocking of mirrors in the past. Even worse is the problem of hybridisation. Crucians will mate with wildies, commons, goldfish and whatever takes their fancy it seems.

DSC_0007I think we ALL love Crucians. They are part of our carping heritage and here in Norfolk there is a real desire and a fledgling imitative to do something to help their cause. Let me explain. Down the river valley in which I now live there are approximately fifteen lakes, ponds, pools and pits between 6 acres and half an acre in extent. All are old waters and all have suffered from drastically falling fish stocks in the recent past. The whole thrust of the plan is to bring these waters back to life and reintroduce the fish species that they originally held… including Crucian Carp.

Of course the waters are going to be made ready first. Damns are being repaired, silt of ages is being removed, water sources are being checked and purified and lilies are being planted – these will be homes fit for finned heroes.

DSC_0001_(5)Then, of course we have to find the fish. We must be 100% sure the fish we are returning are Crucians, whole Crucians and nothing but the Crucians – not an easy task these days. We have good science on our side but we still need to find a lot of genuine fish. SO WE NEED HELP HERE! All the relevant agencies are on board so this is all completely transparent, up front and legal. If you do have access to Crucians of any size it would be wonderful if you contacted us in this united effort.

Any help in locating Crucians will be appreciated and rewarded… the knowledge that you are helping to bring former Crucian strongholds back to life is one reward surely but there is more. You would be kept in the loop of course and be invited to fish-ins so we can check on the progress of the fish. This is a major campaign and, if successful, could act as model for similar trials nationwide. Wouldn’t it be good to be a part of that!?

DSC_0001It’s good to know the Crucian is being looked after not just here but in many pockets of the country. If you can play any part, PLEASE contact me for a noble carping cause. I don’t often give my email address out like this but for the Crucian, anything I can do I will do! Hope to hear from you at j.m.bailey@lineone.net. Let’s make 2013 count, not just for the Crucians but for all our Carp wherever they are.

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  1. David Will says:

    I fish two lakes in southern Hertfordshire. Over the years they have gone from prolific Crucian fisheries to the point where one of the lakes has one left -4.09lb. This fish shares the British record. The other lake has probably four or five at most. I continue to fish of the Crucians but have failed every year for a numbeR of years to catch any at all. Crucians are probably my favourite fish. I desperately want to fish of them with a genuine hope of a bite from a true Crucian to this end I no travel a 200 mile on trip for a days Crucian fishing in Norfolk.

    What I want to do is persuade the club to re- stock the waters I fish with the genuine article to preserve our Crucian heritage in Hertfordshire.

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