Ed’s Top Ten Early Winter Carping Tips

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  1. Stay vigilant – the fish stop moving and showing as much this time of year so one show could give away the location of a group of fish
  2. Use less bait – the fish’s metabolism is starting to slow down
  3. Do not use high fishmeal or oily baits they will not do your fishing or the fish any good in cold water
  4. Try easily digestible baits like maggots or sweetcorn, or boilies with a good winter track record such as the Cell
  5.  Pre-baited areas can work well to keep the fish in an area
  6. Location is key, don’t waste too much time in one swim on a usually productive water if you haven’t seen signs or received any liners.
  7. Make sure you are warm and comfortable – invest in a thermal suit and a good 5 Season Bag and/or Thermal Sleeve
  8. Fine down your end tackle for extra bites (see Darren’s article this month for more on this.)
  9. Use light indicators set at half mast to register finicky bites
  10. Use an overwrap on the bivvy, not necessarily to keep the heat in but to stop condensation dripping on your bed chair

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