My Top Ten Winter Tips

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  1. Ian GemsonBe prepared. Make sure you have the kit to keep you warm and comfortable.
  2. Scale down your tackle – drop a hook size, or use a lighter breaking strain hook link and fluorocarbon lines to combat the clear water conditions.
  3. Bait correctly. Don’t fill the lake with bait, small baits and mouthfuls of free offerings to begin with.
  4. Choose a venue to suit your angling. Well stocked day ticket waters will keep you catching all year.
  5. Keep ‘em peeled. Observation is key, be prepared to move onto showing fish.
  6. Work out the bite times! On most lakes a feeding spell may only last a few hours, make sure you are on the lake for these times.
  7. Chose a high quality bait that will keep the fish feeding 365 and don’t neglect the naturals! Maggots are a fantastic winter bait and can fished relatively easily, with a simple mag aligner rig and mesh bag of freebies.
  8. Do your homework, once you have chosen a venue, research it as much as possible – the internet angling forums are a great place to gain snippets of information.
  9. Plenty of warm food and hot drinks.
  10. Enjoy it! The fish are at their top weights and looking as good as they ever will, don’t let a blank session put you off, perseverance is the key!

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