Academ Q&A – Bivvy or Shelter?

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Mick Davis asked our Academy; “I have been fishing for Carp on a few occasions over the last few years and really enjoyed it. I’ve only done day sessions so far, but this year I wanted to do a few nights. I need to buy a bivvy and was wondering what everyone looks for when selection a bivvy or shelter? I’m unsure whether to go for a simple brolly, or to go for a all singling all dancing luxury bivvy – all advice welcome!”

Bivvy or shelter?

Bivvy or shelter?

Matt Jackson says:

Personally I like a balance between lightness and cover. Cover not only provides shelter from the rain but shade from the sun as well – it’s not fun getting too much of either when you’re out on the bank. I have found that for me the Chub Tri-Brid fits into this category perfectly and gives me ample space underneath but is also light enough that it’s not a burden to carry. Its two break pole system means it’s quick and easy to set up as well which is a must. It has a removable door panel so you can fish it as a bivvy or zip it off completely so it’s more of a brolly-type shelter. I love the large vent system at the back which allows air flow in the warmer months. If you are looking at using the bivvy in the summer than I cannot recommend one with vents highly enough –  it makes being out so much more comfortable and personally think it’s the greatest development in modern shelters.”

Holmesy says:

The reality is like all choices – the right one for you has to be your own opinion Mick. You have to ask yourself some very serious questions: Do I want a lightweight bivvy? Do I want one for all seasons? What is my budget? Am I fishing alone? How much gear will I be taking, and an oft-forgotten question, are the swims on my lake large enough to take a bivvy?

“All these questions only you can answer. To help you try and get away from camping – unless your water means you must hide from the fish – my personal choice is the Chub Tri Brid. I have identified this for my new syndicate as I need to be mobile, it is very lightweight and I can unzip the front panel and scan the vastness for signs of showing fish. Curled up in bed with a zipped down front is very comfy and private and is more akin to using a tent with a bit of fishing thrown in!

“Ask yourself the above questions Mick and take it from there. It is a good starting point and in the Chub stable alone we have five bivvies and overwraps and two brollies that cover every possible scenario.”

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